Why you need to Carry out a check on Fire Extinguishers

The risk of a potential fire in a home can lead to disaster. If the fire is not extinguished on time, it can spread far and could be life threatening for anyone inside the home at that time. It is necessary to check whether the fire extinguisher is functional and improper working condition. This is because a fire extinguisher is one tool which can help douse a fire and save lives. In order to make sure that the fire extinguisher is maintained properly, keep the following things in mind.

  • Ensure that the extinguisher is placed in a strategic position from where it is easily accessible.
  • It should be set up easily so it can be used with ease, there shouldn’t be any obstruction preventing it from being reachable.
  • The extinguisher should be fully charged and ready to use whenever and wherever the need arises.
  • You should pay close attention to the pressure gauge to inspect for any changes in pressure. While it’s not necessary to check the gauge every day, a monthly once over is necessary to detect ay changes.
  • Also examine the extinguisher for cut, scratches and dents. Damaged extinguishers do not work when required. So the extinguisher which appear damaged is either repaired or replaced all depending upon what is required.
  • There should also be no modifications made in the extinguishers because it might have a direct effect on its performance.

In case a fire extinguisher isn’t maintained properly there could be grave consequences. Therefore it is necessary that proper maintenance should be carried out at least once a month. Also there are times when the extinguisher is badly damaged and there is a chance of the contents inside it exploding. If at any point you feel the extinguisher needs a thorough check, make sure you get it checked with the help of a professional. This would help reduce the risk of a fire from spreading.

However, maintenance is something which is carried out regularly. On the other hand getting a fire extinguisher checked at least twice a year is necessary as well. For this you need to call in professional who would carry out a number of tests which are designed to check the fire extinguisher properly. These may include hydro testing in which the extinguisher is immersed in water and the pressure gauge is checked for signs of leaks.

When an extinguisher is being tested, it doesn’t involve using the fire extinguisher at any instance. The person responsible for carrying out the check would ensure all of the following:

  • They would check whether an extinguisher is placed within 75 feet of travel.
  • There should be extinguisher placed at least 30 feet away from the cooking equipment.
  • They would also look for signs of damage on the extinguisher.

These kind of inspections are necessary to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe.

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