Industrial Developments

Every country in the world has faced industrial developments. These developments have had many effects, some good or not so good.  The process of industrial development can be a long, hard road but worth every hardship to get there.  Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of industrial developments.

Advantages of industrial developments

For many underdeveloped countries industrial developments can bring about huge change. These changes can lead to a new life for the people.

  1. Generate employment opportunities.

People living in underdeveloped countries most likely wok in the agricultural sector.  This means long days, grueling work, and low pay. The agricultural market is not stable enough for them to make a living.  They cannot sustain their families. Therefore with the development of industry these people have the option to go work in an industry that allows a different way of life.

  1. Improvement of the standard of living

People become more aware of amenities and the “finer things in life.”  Products such as televisions, automobiles, furniture, and cloth are readily available. For example, a farmer takes a job in an industrial plant.  He may begin his new job by walking to work but after a little while he can purchase an automobile for himself and his family.  The farmer’s family can now buy new furniture for their new home and a television to watch.  This is just one example of the improvement of the standard of living that could be carried out.

  1. The country becomes prosperous

The government will become more efficient with the development of industry.  With industrial developments the government can get more taxes from the people.  These taxes will go back into the society and help the people.  This will also decrease the amount of government borrowing.

  1. An independent country

Ultimately a country can become more independent with the development of industry.  The country can decrease the amount of imports and increase the number of exports.  Less dependence on other countries can lead to foreign exchange income.

Disadvantages of Industrial Development

Even good things have consequences.

  1. Increase in pollution

Some industries can emit poisonous gases which over time can cause an increase in global warming.

  1. A shift in the preference of people

With industry developments comes a new set of people who strictly work for the industries.  This can lead to those people being preferred by a country and a lack of preference in people of the agricultural sector. This leads to a gap in people which in the long term could lead to food shortages.

  1. Problem Urbanization and Monopolies

People of rural areas will flock to urban areas creating less green space and excessive waste.  This could lead to health issues and shortage of housing.  Monopolies create an exploitation of customers and a bigger gap between the rich and the poor.