Are Double Walled Coffee Cups Good for the Earth

Double walled coffee cups are a somewhat new addition to the glass mugs variety. Instead of regular coffee cups, drinking coffee is doubled walled cups is much better. Boron is mixed to the glass mixture, as a result these cups are heat resistant, stronger and quite lightweight too. Glass manufacturers made use of the borosilicate glass and infused it into double walled coffee cups.

Drinking out of these glass mugs is the preferred choice of many people. There is just something about holding the warm mug in your hands and sipping coffee out of it. Also the fact that you can see the brew you are drinking is attractive.

The following are a few reasons why you should choose doubled walled coffee cups over traditional mugs ad paper coffee cups.

  • Double walled coffee cups are aesthetically appealing. They have a subtle glamor which looks elegant. Plus these are a welcome addition to any serving trolley. If you are planning to have guests over, serving coffee in these mugs is one way of making your guests feel welcome and special.
  • Doubled walled coffee cups despite their classy look are quite sturdy. Though these might have the fragile look of glass but it can hold very hot beverages without suffering even a bit of damage. This way the coffee stays warmer for longer. So when the conversation gets deeper and you are indulging in a heart to heart talk, the warm coffee helps warm your heart as well. Times like these are best spent with friends and loved ones. What better way than to laze around and sip your favourite brew while you have a heart to heart with your favourite person.

  • These coffee cups are microwave safe as well. So if you want to reheat your coffee you could do so without worrying about it. Plus you can enjoy cold coffee in it as well. Thinking about having a coffee party at your place. Infuse some vanilla ice cream in your coffee lattes to make the best cold coffee ever. Serve in double walled coffee mugs for added beauty and sprinkle on some chocolate flakes. You have coffee cum desert and a great impression on your guests as well.
  • The maintenance and upkeep of these glasses as easy as well. These are dishwasher safe and you don’t have to worry about washing these by hand. Also unlike regular coffee cups which turn cloudy or stain over a period of time, double walled coffee cups do not stain. They look as good as new. It a onetime investment which would last you a very long time.
  • There are certain double walled coffee cups which have a viscous liquid in between the walls. This liquid helps keep you beverages at a constant temperature so you can have your coffee stay warmer for longer. Ideal for those cold nights when sipping an espresso and rolled up in your blanket with a good book is the best thing ever.

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