What is Involved in Boat Detailing?

It’s not always easy for any boat owner to make their boat look great at all times. Boats tend to easily get grimier and covered in mud in no time when taken out for a spin or fishing trips a few times. When this happens, a new boat could quickly look old.

However, the big investment involved in buying a boat makes you want to look its best at all times. Performing regular boat detailing and cleaning is the only way to keep your boat looking its best whenever you want to use it.

However, what is involved in boat detailing? What are the typical steps to take when you want to perform regular boat detailing and cleaning?

Cleaning the boat’s exterior

Cleaning the boat’s exterior is the first step in boat detailing. Removing any loose debris and dirt requires a thorough rinse of the boat’s exterior. Starting the rinse at the top of the boat makes the work shorter and more efficient.

Using a specific boat cleaning soap, a soft brush, and a bucket is the second step after rinsing the boat. Scrubbing the boat’s exterior is achieved with a brush, bucket of water and specific soap. The work becomes more efficient when you clean small areas and rinse them off afterwards.

Towels are needed to dry off the entire exterior of the boat. Absorbent towels are highly recommended and being situated in a sunny spot helps to quickly dry the boat. Buffing the boat’s exterior is the last step while drying it.

Floor cleaning

Cleaning the interior of the boat is the next step after you’re done with the exterior. The material of the floor of the boat dictates the method of cleaning. A thorough cleaning is achieved by a strong brush for non-skid flooring. Brushing the floor could take some time as it’s the dirtiest.

Opening up the drain plug by tipping the stern of the boat on its lower end allows you to hose down your floors. This makes for faster cleaning while allowing the water to flow out of it.

A vacuum, on the other hand, is the equipment needed to clean carpeted floors. However, a thorough cleaning is to use a carpet cleaner to soak the dirty carpet. Rinsing it out and letting it dry ensures a thorough cleaning job. The vacuum can be used to suck up some water, speeding up the drying process.

Chrome polishing

A special polish is needed to polish the chrome parts of the boat. Seats, ladders, and railings get a good polishing with a soft towel and a special polish. The best results are achieved when you follow the explicit instructions printed on the container of the chrome polish.

Dashboard cleaning

Cleaning the dashboard should be done as carefully as possible.  Loads of electronic equipment on the dashboard require a specific cleaning solution for safe dashboard cleaning.

Being exposed to hands all the time makes the dashboard one of the dirtiest places. Keeping a dashboard cleaner within arm’s reach is the best way to keep the dashboard clean at all times.

Waxing and sealing

Applying wax and sealants offers the best way to make it look like new as well as protect it from harmful UV rays. However, sealants and wax are two different things. Filling in the pores on the gel coat of the boat is achieved using sealants.

Waxing, on the other hand, should be applied every four months. Boats are easier to clean when it is regularly waxed.

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