What Are Commercial Rice Cookers?

Commercial rice cookers are usually kitchen appliances used to cook rice easily and quickly in a commercial setting. These rice cookers have a pan with a lid that is tight-fitting and a heating element. When you want to cook your rice, all you have to do is add water and the rice that you want to cook plus any ingredients you are adding to your rice, and the cooker automatically eats up and starts to boil the water in it. The commercial rice cookers switch automatically to simmering mode until your rice cooks thoroughly. Although most commercial rice cookers are mainly used for cooking rice, you can also use them to boil grains such as millet and quinoa. The good thing about using commercial rice cookers is that no matter how much you want to cook, it takes you less time than when you are using large pots. Also, when using commercial rice cookers, you are sure your rice will be fluffed and well cooked. This makes your visitors and customers love your rice.

Types of Commercial Rice Cookers

Rice cookers are available in different types, but when it comes to commercial rice cookers, you can either buy a gas rice cooker or an electric gas cooker. However, before purchasing any of these commercial rice cookers, you must read through each cooker’s pros and cons. This way, you can decide what to buy.

  1. Commercial gas rice cookers

One of the great things about commercial gas rice cookers is that they make sweet and delicious rice perfect for your sushi. This commercial rice cooker is very similar to the traditional rice cooking method, making it more authentic. Also, gas cookers use direct fire, which makes the rice cook faster and thus the main reason why most people are always choosing gas rice cookers for their commercial rice cooking purposes. However, if you choose commercial gas rice cookers, you must maintain them properly for them to work efficiently. This means you will need to clean the pipes and the cooker regularly to remove any blockage caused by the steam.

  1. Commercial electric rice cookers

They are also called induction heating rice cookers since they cook when the outer heater heats your pot’s inner content entirely. When the heater heats up the inner pot, the rice cooker’s water begins to boil. One good thing about having electric commercial rice cookers is that cooking is extremely fast, and you can carry your cookers anywhere. This makes these commercial rice cookers suitable for both small and large businesses. Another benefit of investing in electric rice cookers for your commercial cooking is that very few failures occur when cooking your rice, making your cooking perfect. Cases of burnt rice are minimal, and these cookers can be easily maintained or clean, which is why they are trendy. In addition, rice cookers use very little heat for cooking any amount of rice, mainly because they are thermally efficient.

As you decide on the commercial rice cookers you will be buying, know you are making a lifetime investment. Now you have enough information to help you determine the type to buy. You must also consider the size of the commercial rice cookers you will buy. The quantities of rice you intend to cook will determine the size or volume of the commercial rice cookers you buy. Another thing to think about is the brand of the commercial rice cookers. Always remember that you cannot trust all brands, so you should buy your commercial rice cookers from a reliable and reputable brand for providing high-quality rice cookers. MVO supply a range of rice cookers. Check out their product catalogue.

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