An Electric Brake Controller Buying Guide

When looking for an electric brake controller, you will find that there are so many in the market, making it challenging to select the right one. If it is your first time buying this product, do not expect things to be simple, especially if you do not have a guide to follow.

Many different brands are flooding the market, making selecting the suitable electric brake controller for you incredibly difficult. However, do not be intimidated by the number of options available. Take your time and figure out what exactly you’re looking for in terms of features and budget and develop a list of non-negotiables. This article will be a starting point if you do not know what you need yet. The first thing you need to do is understand the purpose of electric brakes.

What is an electric brake controller?

An electric brake controller helps control a vehicle’s braking when one is towing a trailer. It connects the brakes of the vehicle to those of the trailer through the electrical systems of the car. The brake controller applies the brakes of the trailer in tandem when the vehicle’s brakes are used. If the trailer keeps rolling after the towing vehicle stops, it could cause a collision between the trailer and the towing vehicle or the towing vehicle and any vehicles in front of it.

Buying guide for the best electric brake controller

The following is a buying guide that will help you identify the best electric brake controller. It contains the things that you should look for when you are buying your controller. If you read it to the end, you will be assured of an easy time purchasing this product from any market. So please take a look at it and gather the essential features the best electric brake controller must-have.

  • The amount of voltage

The voltage is an essential factor that you should always consider when buying any electronic product in the market. Electronic brake controllers may either come in 12 or 24 voltages, depending on which you select. Therefore, you must be cautious about choosing the electric brake controller with the appropriate voltage for your vehicle-trailer combination. The electric brake controller you select must have a voltage that matches the power source of its towing vehicle. Although most vehicles are compatible with 12 v, you must be keen on the voltage you select.

  • The maximum number of axles

The maximum number of axles that the electric brake controller you select can handle is also significant. However, many people forget to check on this factor, and therefore, end up buying a controller that cannot control the power it provides. Always remember that the maximum number of axles that the electric brake controller handles is equal to the amount of energy it provides.

  • The type of electric brake controller

When you look at the electric brake controllers available in the market, you will realize that they are available in two different types. There are proportional and non-proportional electric brake controllers. These two types of electric brake controllers are very different, and you ought to know their differences before choosing which one to take home with you. Ensure that you make the right decision to ensure that you get a flexible and economic brake controller.

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