Advantages in Using Point Cloud Data in 3D Laser Scanning

Do you want to bring your business to the next level? Do you want to create a business model without wasting a lot of time and money?

Engineers and architects have discovered an important ally in their measurements using 3D laser scanning. With the scanner, creating 3D models of all their projects has become fast, easy, and cost-effective.

Using 3D scanners is not that hard to do. The scanner does all the hard work of taking pictures and measurements that are always precise and accurate. However, these measurements would number in the thousands, right?

This is where point cloud comes in. The point cloud is actually the sum amount of those thousands of measurements taken by the scanner.

Simply put, a digitally reconstructed object is made up of 3D points that are densely packed together. This dense group is known as the point cloud. The measured object with all its physical information and measurements are contained in every point. Designing or building becomes fast and easy with the information provided by the points.

Using point cloud data offers a lot of advantages to businesses and professions, to include:


Precise information

A physical object’s detailed information is incredibly captured by a laser scanner. This makes the tool a must-have for architects and engineers. The detailed information taken by the scanner offers more than manually doing all the measurements. The measurements taken by the scanner has been seen to have an accuracy of one-to-two millimetre.

This means that an accurate measurement of any physical object can be laser scanned even without touching them.


Detailed information

Measuring by hand is one way of getting information about an object. However, having the same object laser-scanned provides information that supersedes than doing it by hand.

The information about the scanned object in point cloud will not only contain their physical location; reflectivity and colour information will also be with them.

The point cloud’s detailed information makes it easier to filter and edit. Engineers and architects find reflectivity and colour information very useful when they need to replicate their projects.


Access convenience

Point cloud data proves its access convenience for architects and engineers that can’t be physically present at the project location. It is because the point cloud allows measurements to be done even from longer distances.

The incredible thing about point cloud is providing access to information to an entire work team without seeing the actual physical object being measured.

Contractors have learned the importance of point cloud with regards to safe working conditions. Damage disputes are prevented with a point cloud in the workplace.



Investing in the point cloud software and laser scanner can be expensive. Yet, the savings in terms of time and money can be significant in the long run. With these tools in place, projects are quickly completed.

Wages for workers are reduced when they don’t have to measure everything. Accidents in the workplace are also reduced with laser scanning doing all the measurements and data gathering.

The point cloud is a technology that may seem overwhelming the first time around. However, installing them can be simple and uncomplicated. Enjoy the advantages of utilising point cloud technology in your business.




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