4×4 Accessories

With your 4×4, you can travel to any place that you want to visit. However, for your journey to be lovely, you must ensure that your 4×4 has all the necessary accessories. You will have a delightful and exciting adventure when you have all the accessories with you in your 4×4 as you travel. The 4×4 accessories are an essential part of the 4×4, and you will find that having that your journey will have no challenges. Let’s look at the assortment of 4×4 accessories by UV4x4 that you should not miss in your 4×4:

  1.   Fridge

One of the essential accessories that you should have in your 4×4 is a 12 voltage fridge. This mighty fridge will help you to carry all the necessary foods, drinks, fruits and vegetables that you will eat during your trip rather than buying them elsewhere, which might be very expensive for you. Taking an icy drink as you travel is very enjoyable, especially when the sun is scorching. You should never lack a 12V fridge in your lovely 4×4.

  1. Tyre

In the course of your journey, you will find that your 4×4 tyres can get punctured or even fully damaged. In such cases, you will need to change the tyres. If you do not have a spare tyre in your 4×4, you will have so many challenges before you find one. However, in case you are in the middle of a forest or a park, you can wait for several days before you get any help. For this reason, among the 4×4 accessories that you should have in your 4×4 is some tyres.

  1. The bulbar

Your 4×4 must have frontal protection from things like strikes from animals and bushlands. When you have a beautiful frontal is well protected, you can also engage yourself with other accessories like the driving lights, aerials and winches. Always ensure that you have a bulbar.

  1. Air compressors

Another essential accessory that you can never lack in your 4X4 is the air compressor. You can also use the air compressor when your tyres do not have pressure to keep you moving and also to blow the dust that may be in some of the equipment you carried with you.

  1. Driving lights

When you are touring with your 4X4, you will travel for days and nights. You will require a set of driving lights to help you avoid straining through the dark journeys. When you have your driving lights, you will be able to spot any danger that can come in your way.

  1. Drawers

During your tour, you will require to organise all your things in a very presentable manner. This is the reason why you should have your drawers in your 4X4 as you pack the other accessories.

  1. The roof rack

Whenever you have a perfect tour with your 4X4 you will never forget anything.  To make your trip memorable, you will find yourself carrying so many things from the places that you have visited so that when you see them, you can remember everything better. With the roof rack, you can carry all the things that you wish to take with you.

  1. Suspension

You will need to check the parts that are found under your 4X4 so that you can see know about their condition. You will thereby require a suspension so that your 4X4 is in relative motion.



How to Choose a Good Car Service

Is your car in need of service? Are you looking for a good car service in Strathpine? All cars need to be serviced on a regular basis. Failure to maintain the car properly can result in depreciation and it won’t work the way it should. All smart car owners know the importance of a good car service. The following are a few instances which point out that your car is in need of servicing.

  • When there is a check engine light glowing on your dash board, it’s time to get the car serviced as quickly as possible. After all, cars need to be serviced after a certain number of time.
  • Some cars also have a service light which lights up when the next service is due.
  • Any noise coming from your car warrants an immediate check. A whining sound under the bonnet could signify a loose belt. If left unchecked it can cause over heating or problems with the battery.
  • A sound coming from the exhaust could point towards a crack in the exhaust. If left unchecked it could actually result in the exhaust falling off.
  • Uneven sounds coming from the engine. This could mean the engine is misfiring. This is something which needs to be fixed immediately. The problem could be as small as something to do with the shocks in the car but could be an indication of a bigger problem as well.

  • A metal on metal sound could signify a broken crack anywhere in the car which needs to be attended to.
  • Brakes which make squealing noises need to be checked as well.
  • Crunching gears need to be evaluated as well. Gears go through a great deal of wear and tear and thus need to be serviced regularly.
  • Smoke coming out of the bonnet. If you see white steam coming out of the bonnet you need to have your car taken to the nearest car service Strathpine.
  • Trouble applying brakes. This could be a problem with the piston or the suspension.
  • If you are facing problems while driving the car like reduced comfort it could mean the car needs servicing.

All of the above warning signs are an indication that the car needs to be serviced immediately. When looking for a car service station in Strathpine keep the following things in mind.

  • Choose a car service which has a good reputation. This means that they should be able to provide you with good quality service. They should sure that they service the car in the best way so that it stays as good as new until the next time it needs to be serviced.
  • In order to find a good car service you can check the listings in the yellow pages for the nearest service station near you. Don’t forget to check reviews left by previous customers who have used their services. Go for someone who has positive reviews.

Finding the right car servicing in Strathpine is easy when you keep the above mentioned things in mind.